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  1. Hi! I am so excited about the possibility of you guys opening up in Oswego and plan to attend the public hearing next Thursday…if you don’t mind me asking, where were you hoping to build????


    • Amanda,

      We are hoping that everything works out for us to occupy the old Fire Department building on 59 N. Main. We have toured and walked through the facility multiple times and despite it being much larger than we need the building and location would be absolutely perfect. There are two great examples of breweries in similar downtown areas, one being Mother Earth Brewing Co in Kinston, NC as well as Peace Tree Brewing Co in Knoxville, IL. Both towns have benefited greatly from the additions of the brewery to their downtown landscapes. Thanks for the support, we look forward to seeing you at the hearing.


  2. Well now, I’ll be heading to Knoxville to get an idea of what you’re aiming for.

    It is great news that the 3 of you are looking at opening up, the location is the best in town, parking is enough where it won’t be a issue and there’s enough beer drinkers to keep you guys busy.

    As for not serving food from the start, great idea! and the the fact you’re going to allow people to BYOF in is really nice.

    I’ve already emailed the Village Trustees and Village President voicing my support.

  3. Jason Thalman, Steve Woertendyke and Rafael Gomez


    I have recently discovered a short article in the Oswego Patch pertaining to the opening of a small brewery in Oswego Illinois. Is their an e-mail at which I can make contact other than facebook and twitter?

  4. Hi Fellow Misfits!
    My name is Kristen Wade and together with my husband we started the Midwest Misfits Endurance and Triathlon Club right in your back yard! Anyways congrats to you moving forward with the brewery and all! Would love to form some sort of partnership with you guys seeing how sport and beer go hand in hand! We have over 80 OF AGE members and a handful of miniMisfits. Wouldn’t it be cool to add your name to our team kits, we race all over the country! Would love to discuss more, perhaps over a beer!

    Kristen Wade

    • Kristen,

      Once we get up and running (no pun intended) please contact us again. We are anticipating being open in October and we are interested in finding a way that we can assist in helping your organization. We’d love to arrange a sponsorship when the time comes. Stay in touch and we’ll talk soon!!


      Misfit Crew

  5. Great! I’m a homebrewing beer nerd that lives in the area. I’d love to volunteer any help I can. I’m very interested in learning about operating a nano brewery.

  6. I echo Jon’s comment. Very excited to support homebrewers who are building on a dream to nano brew. I’d also like to throw my hat in for any volunteer opportunities.

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